Are the questions the same in every test?

The 24 questions are different every time, but they always include questions from all of the book Life in the United Kingdom.

How do I prepare for the ‘Life in the UK’ test?

Firstly, you need to purchase and study the handbook Life in the United Kingdom. Secondly, we suggest that you take a number of practice tests and you should feel comfortable about answering all questions. If you find understanding the questions difficult, then look at the guidance on understanding the questions.

Do I need take any identification with me to the Life in the UK test?

Yes, you will need to confirm your identity with one of these documents:

•             a passport (from your country of origin)

•             approved travel document

•             biometric resident permit

•             EU identification


I do not have internet access at home. What can I do?

If you are in England contact your local library or Citizen's Advice Bureau for information on free access to computers.

If I need to re-sit the test, will I have to pay again?

Yes, you will need to pay again.

I have never used a computer before! Do I have to take the test on computer?

Yes, the test must be completed on a computer at the one of the test centres

What is the pass mark for the test?

The pass mark will generally be in the region of 75% (18 out of 24). The passmark is higher if there are more True/False or Binary Questions. Most questions are always Multiple Choice or Multiple Match. 

Who has to take the test?

Anyone from age 18 to 65 who is applying for permanent settlement (without conditions - indefinite leave to remain) will have to take the test. You also need to take the test for naturalisation as a British citizen, if you have not already done so for settlement. 

Can I take the test after applying for settlement or citizenship in the UK?

No, you will need to take and pass the test before submitting your application form as your pass notification letter from the Life in the UK test centre will need to be attached to your application form and send to the Home Office.

Do test centres help people who are disabled – for example blind or unable to use a computer mouse?

When booking your test, please tell the supervisor if you are blind or cannot see well, or if you find it hard to use a keyboard and mouse. They may help with special equipment.

How many questions are there? How long does the test last?

There are 24 questions and you have 45 minutes to answer them. This gives you enough time to choose your answers and check them again before submitting the test.

Will I get a certificate if I pass?

If you pass - you will recieve a Unique Reference Number, (URN), which must be quoted for your future citizenship or settlement applications

How many times can I re-sit the test if I fail?

You can re-sit the test as many times as you like, there is no limit. It is better that you study the book some more and try more practice tests before taking the test again.

How do I book a test?